Milepave™ is a BBA/HAPAS approved Asphalt Grouted surface course that combines the benefits of Microasphalt, Slurry Sealing, and conventional surfacing techniques. It is the only Grouted Macadam, along with our Hardipave™, to have received BBA/HAPAS approval. This makes it an excellent choice for resurfacing flexible or concrete rural and urban highways.

As a sustainable surfacing process, it reduces carbon emissions by using fewer resources, lower mixing temperatures, lower energy resources, and a lower bitumen content compared to conventional asphalt surfacing materials. Miles Macadam is dedicated to providing surfacing schemes that have reduced carbon emissions or are ultra low carbon. This commitment ensures that no Indirect Emissions are associated with a Local Authority, thereby supporting carbon or net-zero targets.

Milepave™ is a hot, paver-laid, open graded design mix surface course, typically laid between 30mm and 50mm. It is sealed and reinforced with an asphaltic grout manufactured by Miles Macadam. This high-strength material provides complete sealing against water ingress and offers flexibility to withstand underlying movement. This is particularly beneficial for protecting weakened existing substrates from weather damage. The secondary sealing of the surface course prevents fretting, slows down oxidation, and enhances surface strength.

For overlaying concrete carriageways, Milepave™ is a popular choice as it effectively seals against water ingress, preventing further erosion of the support layer beneath the concrete. Additionally, Miles Macadam offers a joint treatment service before and after surfacing, with yearly inspections of the joints within the warranty period.

  • Reduced carbon surfacing process
  • Enhanced durability
  • Impervious seal to water ingress
  • Flexibility to withstand underlying movement

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