Hardipave™, a certified Grouted Macadam surface course, has been engineered to resist heavy traffic and prevent fuel and leachate contamination. Manufactured and installed by Miles Macadam since 1995, it has held a HAPAS certificate since 2006 and is the only Grouted Macadam, along with Milepave™, to receive HAPAS approval.

Hardipave™ consists of a design mix open graded receiving course with controlled void content, reinforced with a resin cementitious grout. One of the major advantages of this product is its short curing period, allowing for fast installation and reopening of the surface for public and industrial use with minimal disruption.

Hardipave™ has been successfully used in various applications, including heavy industrial environments such as waste and distribution, as well as on the highway network for junctions, roundabouts, bus lanes, and laybys.

Additionally, Hardipave™ can be coloured at a low cost to provide an aesthetically pleasing surface course, making it particularly suitable for providing delineation for transportation and safety purposes.

  • Superior resistance to deformation and rutting
  • Rapid installation
  • High resistance to fuel/leachate contamination

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