Miles Macadam has carried out resurfacing works for Cheshire West & Chester Council using their Grouted Macadam materials on numerous schemes. Cheshire West and Chester’s Carbon Plan aims for carbon neutrality of its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030, and to monitor and reduce emissions throughout its supply chain during this period.  In using Miles Macadam as a carbon neutral organisation, no Indirect Emissions were attributable to the Authority, supporting this objective.

Milepave™ was specified for the resurfacing of Norley Road, Cuddington and involved removing the existing SMA surface that showed signs of failure through ravelling and stone loss. Milepave™ is a reduced carbon surfacing process using less resources, lower mixing temperatures, lower energy resources and a lower bitumen content than conventional asphalt surfacing materials. A section of the site spanned a Network Rail bridge deck which benefited from Milepave’s impervious properties and reduced density which minimised the deadload upon the structure. The grouting process associated with Milepave™ produces a robust, impervious surface that is highly resistant to water ingress, stone loss and oxidisation. The result is a surface course which outperforms conventional asphalt surfacing materials, leading to better whole life cost and significant carbon reductions.

Overall, Miles Macadam resurfaced 1,878m² of carriageway with 195.6 tonnes of 50mm Milepave™, which generated 6.4 tCO₂e in surface course material emissions. There was significant reduction in carbon emissions with a saving of 27.9 tonnes in aggregates and 3.6 tonnes in straight run bitumen over conventional materials. The overall carbon emissions were reduced by 5.4 tCO₂e when compared to a hot mix SMA and non-carbon neutral surfacing contractor. This equated to a saving of 16,200 car miles.