With the January blues in full swing, we are thrilled to announce some exciting news to cheer up the Miles Macadam team. In 2022, we took delivery of a new freighter, but this year our foreman decided to step it up a notch. Not one, but two new pavers were added to the MM fleet!

Both surfacing gangs are now the proud new users of the Volvo P6870D Asphalt Paver. A couple members of the MM sales team have been out to see the new machines in action, and we can confirm – they are big (to say the least), and very impressive! As the highways industry becomes more aware of their outputs and operations in light of net zero targets, we wanted to ensure that we could accurately monitor our entire operational outputs. Both pavers are fully equipped with Volvo’s CareTrack telematics systems. This allows our foreman to ensure the machines are being operated effectively and efficiently. They can make decisions to help optimise the operation by remotely tracking machine location, usage, productivity, fuel consumption and health to help identify areas for improvement. As a consequence, Miles Macadam is able to accurately monitor and record the carbon generation of specific contracts and ensure that we continue to achieve our carbon targets successfully, year on year.

Most recently, these pavers have made their debut at London Gateway resurfacing Berth 1 and St Helen’s for the first Carbon Neutral surfacing scheme in the Liverpool City Region.