Miles Macadam recently installed Hardipave™ on a roundabout in Cross Houses, Shropshire to enable access into a new housing development by Fletcher Homes.

Hardipave™ is a BBA / HAPAS certificated product manufactured by Miles Macadam and approved for use on highways. Described as a hybrid between asphalt and concrete, HARDIPAVE™ is a Grouted Macadam surface course designed to withstand concentrated traffic volumes and resist fuel and leachate contamination.

With enhanced curing, Hardipave™ allows fast track installation and maintenance to be carried out with minimal inconvenience. It is used successfully both in heavy industrial environments such as waste and distribution sites, and on the highway network for junctions, roundabouts, bus lanes and laybys.

The roundabout in Cross Houses was designed using Hardipave™ for the full width of the running course. Hardipave™ grout was applied to the surface course in a single phase with the inner HGV section distinguished by adding a red pigment to the grout. The jointless system allowed Miles Macadam to eliminate the need any material transition or surface joints which are typically apparent in a conventional design. By specifying Hardipave™ on its roundabouts, Shropshire Highways will achieve a significant reduction to its future maintenance costs.