Recently, we revisited some sites in Liverpool and Widnes to check up on their condition. The sites were concrete overlays completed in 2015 and 2017.

The MM team installed 300m² of our Grouted Macadam Hardicrete™ to three Bus Laybys on Sir Thomas Street in Liverpool in 2015. Expansion joints were added to this surface to prevent reflective cracking when the concrete bays below thermally expand and contract. Hardicrete™ is designed to withstand intense traffic loadings and is resistant to the rutting caused by the vibration of stationary buses. Upon inspection 6 years post surfacing, the layby’s showed no signs of deformation and are still in great condition.

In 2017, Milton Avenue in Widnes was resurfaced using 2426m² of Milepave™. Similarly to Sir Thomas Street, the residential roadway showed no signs of deterioration. Milepave™ is a flexible material in its design with the installation of expansion joints coming as standard to ensure it’s durability against the movement of the concrete bays below. Even after 5 years, the material appeared almost brand new. No cracks or damage had occurred and it was in perfect condition.

We pride ourselves on the longevity of our Grouted Macadam’s and these sites are no exception.