LCRIG’s Innovation Procurement System (IPS) is a framework designed to facilitate the procurement of innovative solutions and technologies for the local roads sector. Miles Macadam are delighted to announce that they are one of the first contractors to be accepted on to the framework!

LCRIG’s system aims to encourage collaboration between local authorities and industry contractors to identify and implement innovative solutions that can improve the efficiency, sustainability, and safety of local roads. It provides a structured approach to the procurement process, allowing for the identification of specific challenges and the development of innovative solutions to address them. The first category to launch is highway surface treatment innovations. This covers innovative ways to maintain and extend the life of the carriageways, cycleways and footways.

Overall, the IPS aims to foster innovation and collaboration in the local roads sector, driving the development and implementation of new solutions that can address the challenges faced by local authorities. We are delighted to be on-board this framework and have the opportunity to showcase our innovative, long-lasting and carbon reduced products to local authorities. Highway maintenance teams that have previously struggled with procurement can now easily access those services that will provide the best solution for them. Click here to register interest on LCRIG’s website.