The Miles Macadam team are in the South Pennines for the next few weeks. Works have begun on behalf on Calderdale Borough Council to install approximately 17,084m² of our Grouted Macadam, Milepave™  to several locations around Halifax. The roadways have been reviewed as in immediate need of repair, and Calderdale have specified Milepave™  as the solution. The areas for resurfacing are:

  • Paddock Lane
  • Cliffe Avenue
  • Crow Wood Park
  • Moor Lane
  • Forest Avenue/Forest Crescent
  • Pye Nest Gardens

These carriageways vary in their construction, with some being concrete and others standard, flexible construction. Many of the roads comprised of concrete bays have clear deterioration as the conventional material laid could not withstand the underlying movement. Milepave™  is an ideal solution for these issues as it is a high strength material that is sealed fully against water ingress and has inherent flexibility to combat underlying movement.

So far, Paddock Lane, Forest Crescent and Forest Avenue have been resurfaced. The scheme will be completed by the 18th March, with a full case study and details to follow.

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