Last month, Miles Macadam were contracted to resurface Tanhouse Road Roundabout in Skelmersdale. This roundabout links a number of residential housing estates to the key circulatory roads around Skelmersdale and experiences moderate traffic volumes/loadings.

The existing Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) surface course had deteriorated significantly. It was exhibiting considerable ravelling, aggregate loss and failure from the material joints and surface. It was also evident that water ingress and freeze thaw had accelerated the failure of the surface. From an engineering perspective, Milepave™ was specified due to the sealing of the surface with an asphaltic grout that reinforces surface strength preventing aggregate loss. The grout not only reinforces the surface but also seals the joints which are prone to failure in conventional materials.

Lancashire County Council are working to implement their Decarbonisation Strategy, and strive to work with sustainable partners to facilitate their goals. As a Carbon Neutral Organisation, with the ability to deliver a carbon reduced surfacing solution, Miles Macadam were selected for the scheme. Milepave™ was selected due to the significant carbon savings that would be made over conventional asphalt. Milepave’s low resource utilisation design and lower energy requirements during the manufacturing process enable a 37%+ carbon saving over conventional asphalt materials.

Carbon reduction was a key driver of the scheme for Lancashire County Council and this demonstrates their commitment to their ambitious Highways Decarbonisation plan. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Lancashire, and work together on this collective journey to net zero.

Overall, 3000m² was resurfaced over two shifts under partial closures to ensure little disruption to the public. Click the video below to see Stuart Bradshaw, Materials Engineer from Lancashire discuss the scheme: