Miles Macadam recently received its Carbon Footprint Appraisal based on its 2022 business activities. We are beyond proud to announce that we have reduced our emissions by 25.2% since becoming a Carbon Neutral Organisation. The report also stated that we have reduced by 18.6% on total tonnes of Carbon since 2019, and 8% from the previous 2021. All of these conclusions come from the continuous effort that every single member of the Miles Macadam team have been making since our pledge to become a more sustainable SME. We have made improvements on all elements of our daily activities, whether that be on site or at our office in Malpas.

A comment within the report stated that “Miles Macadam’s total carbon footprint shows a reduction of 18.6% when compared to the baseline year. This can be attributed to significant reduction in most represented categories, particularly in the reduction of emissions associated to lorry freight and company car travel.”

More changes will be made throughout the year, including some exciting developments with our products that are happening this week. Keep an eye on our News page and LinkedIn/Instagram for more information.

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