In 2019, Miles Macadam became a certified Carbon Neutral Organisation. As part of our Carbon Reduction Strategy, we pledged to annually assess our carbon footprint to monitor the progress of our yearly carbon reductions. Miles Macadam is delighted to announce that the assessment of our 2021 carbon footprint has shown a reduction of 11.47% from the baseline year.

All emissions considered in this assessment are to do with the energy and waste streams of Miles Macadam’s facilities and business transport activities.

  • Energy usage at site facilities
  • Home working
  • Travel and logistics
  • Waste
  • Water Usage
    The figures from these areas are collated and audited by Carbon Footprint Ltd for accuracy and the continuation of our carbon neutral status.

Additionally, our Carbon Reduction Strategy outlines some of the goals we have going forward to support our drive for continual reductions in emissions.

  • Switch staff to Electric Vehicles (EV’s)
  • Install rooftop solar panels
  • Move away from fossil fuelled yard equipment
  • Switch from kerosene to electrically heated bitumen tank
  • Lowering our keep warm temperature of bitumen tanks
  • Recognise the indirect emission footprint generated by our suppliers and endeavour to select suppliers based on their environmental credentials, alongside price and performance

Miles Macadam strives to deliver and encourage the most sustainable methods in road surfacing. Receiving Carbon Neutral status is a great accomplishment, and we hope to see more of these achievements within our supply chain and industry.