Miles Macadam is delighted to announce the start of a Carbon Neutral Surfacing Scheme with Cardiff Council. In 2021, the Council released ‘The One Planet Cardiff Strategy’ which documents their plan for making Cardiff a Carbon Neutral city by 2030. This strategy highlights the importance of working with sustainable partners and stakeholders to set them on their path to net zero. As a carbon neutral organisation, Miles Macadam can help facilitate this goal. In this project the Council were keen to champion the first carbon neutral surfacing scheme in South Wales and to see how carbon efficient our joint partnership could be.

The Miles Macadam team will be installing approximately 13,000m² of Milepave™ to Northern Avenue (A470) over the course of 11 nights to minimise disruption. As a reduced carbon surfacing process, Milepave™ offers carbon savings of approximately 40% over conventional surfacing materials by using lower mixing temperatures, less aggregate and a lower bitumen content than conventional products. Working closely with Cardiff Highways Team, further steps were taken to reduce the carbon footprint of this scheme by working in collaboration with the brand new Harsco environmental company coating plant, SteelPhalt, to utilise steel slag in our receiving course. Steel slag is a by-product of the steel and iron production process, and its use creates a further significant reduction in the project carbon footprint to over 50% as well as eliminating the need for significant virgin aggregate extraction. Road planings are going back to the coating plant to be crushed and recycled into new coated materials. The added bonus of a coating and recycling plant in the close vicinity of the project ensures that Scope 3 transport emissions remain at their lowest levels possible.

Following completion, a case study will be released detailing the exact carbon savings of the contract.