The MM team have been back in Reading again for the past two weeks. We have been involved in several schemes with Reading Borough Council over the past few years, but this time the pro-active council decided to utilise our abilities to deliver a Carbon Neutral Resurfacing Scheme. Phase 1 has just been completed with Phase 2 commencing in September.

Overall, we have installed 15,083m² of our Reduced Carbon Asphalt Grouted Macadam Milepave™, to the residential carriageway on Northumberland Avenue and Southcote Lane. With the concept of hitting Net-Zero targets becoming a looming concern for several Local Authorities, Reading Borough Council decided to take action and make effective steps towards their green initiatives. It is a great opportunity to enable these schemes around the UK to aid Local Authorities in reaching their carbon emission targets and be a part of the wider environmental benefits.

This phase took 10 days to complete, and involved a total of 10 team members (including the Contract Manager and Site Foreman). Due to the location of the works, it was not practicable for total road closure to be in affect and therefore Traffic Management was in operation.  Traffic Management was carried out by Reading Borough Council.

An absolute pleasure to work with those at Reading Borough Council and we look forward to the following phases already in the programme!

N.B. the last two photos in the slider show a ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the same area.