Miles Macadam was recently contracted to resurface 10 residential concrete estate roads on behalf of City of York Council. This Council has been part of Miles Macadam’s client base for many years and have utilised our products successfully in and around the city. The areas within this scheme were original concrete construction overlaid with a thin layer or layers of Micro–Asphalt or Surface Dressing.  Failure of the surfacing materials over the joints, delamination, poor ride quality and complaints from the residents led to them being addressed for resurfacing.  Previous low cost surfacing products were considered but a long term solution was decided upon. Milepave™ is a popular choice for overlaying concrete carriageways as it is fully sealed against water ingress and the ancillary joint treatment ensures that reflective cracking is contained and remains sealed.

The area of the contract was 9,600m². The programme consisted of planing off the existing surface, heat treating the joints and reflective cracking before a hot bond coat.  The Milepave™ receiving course was laid and a Liquid Asphalt Grout applied to the surface of the material whilst warm and vibrated into the matrix.  After surfacing, inducement joints were created into the new material.

The entire programme was completed in 10 days, with minimal inconvenience to the residents.  Having resurfaced a similar estate in Shropshire in 2020, which was last surfaced by us 30 years ago, we feel that the use of Milepave will give York City Council and its residents best value and the most beneficial whole life cost.

A link to our Liquid Asphalt Grouted Macadam Milepave™ can be found below: