Following communication with Dorset County Council regarding potential surfacing issues on high stress areas, Woolbridge Roundabout on the A352 was selected as a trial site for Hardipave™.  On inspection, it was discovered the existing surface was actually our own Cementitious Grouted Macadam laid 30 years ago!  Our Grouted Macadams are designed with an extensive whole life cycle in mind, and this site was proof of that.  The surface integrity was still good with no signs of rutting or crazing despite regular tank traffic.  However, loss of skid resistance and some cracking had highlighted the need for repair.  In April 2021, we were contracted to resurface the Roundabout and as a Carbon Neutral organisation were able to aid Dorset County Council in their commitment to reducing their carbon emissions, by creating no additional indirect emissions for them.

Miles Macadam installed 1,250mof our BBA HAPAS certified Grouted Macadam, Hardipave™ on the roundabout.  Hardipave™ is designed to withstand concentrated traffic volume and loadings and fuel / leachate contamination and consists of a design mix open graded receiving course with a controlled void content, which is reinforced with a resin cementitious grout.

Due to the location of the works, a 72-hour road closure was implemented from Friday morning to Monday morning. A major benefit of Hardipave™ is a short curing period, allowing fast track installation and re-opening of the surface for industrial and public use with minimal inconvenience. The scheme took 3 days to complete and the surface was left to cure for 24 hours before the road closure was removed.

With intense traffic loadings, roundabouts are prone to accelerated wear. Conventional surfacing materials have a tendency to deteriorate well before their design life with the failure of laying  joints being particularly prevalent.  The use of Hardipave™ and its grouting procedure provides a seamless surface course which eliminates the issues from laying joints and their premature failure. Hardipave™ provides a durable, warranty backed surface course specifically designed for intense traffic volumes.