Miles Macadam completed resurfacing works at Winsford rock salt mine – Britain’s oldest and largest working mine, which produces around 80% of the UK’s road salt.

The work undertaken for Compass Minerals involved resurfacing the main loading area of the salt mine, whilst ensuring the site stayed fully operational.

The project involved the installation of 170 tonnes of Hardipave™, Miles Macadam’s BBA/HAPAS certificated Grouted Macadam. This was used to resurface the main loading area to provide an incredibly durable surface course ready for local authorities gearing up for collections during the busy winter period.

Often described as a hybrid between asphalt and concrete, the Hardipave™ installation creates an incredibly hard-wearing surface course containing  no voids and therefore preventing the damaging effects of water ingress.

Hardipave™ is also fuel resistant with a high tolerance to deformation, heat and abrasion, with the ability to withstand continuous HGV loadings. The short curing period of the product allowed for a fast installation and minimum disruption to loadings on site, making it the ideal material for the project.

The flagship product has been used extensively throughout the UK on transport infrastructure hubs, including many bus terminals, industrial facilities and other areas of intense traffic loading.