Miles Macadam’s first carbon neutral surfacing scheme was delivered in collaboration with Shropshire Council, Kier and WSP. Following a commitment to become Net Zero by 2030, Shropshire Council identified highways maintenance as part of its bold initiative to create a more sustainable working model and achieve success in carbon reduction across its capital expenditure programme. As a Carbon Neutral Organisation, no Indirect Emissions were attributable to the Authority, supporting this objective.

Milepave is a reduced carbon surfacing process using less resources, lower mixing temperatures, lower energy resources and a lower bitumen content than conventional products.  Calculation of the Scope 3 emissions produced during the contract will aid Carbon Reduction Strategies.

The scheme involved the removal of areas of failed surfacing, replacing with Milepave™ Grouted Macadam.  The grouting process associated with Milepave™ ensures a fully sealed surface is left behind and the action of the grout prevents surrounding surface failure, even when surface dressing is delayed.  Historical information on surface dressing patch failure has shown as much as 10% can occur.  Contracts using Milepave™ eradicate these problems and ensure long term successful performance.

Delivered Programme of Work:

  • 19,676m² of Milepave™
  • 2,232 tonnes of 50mm Milepave
  • 1 tCO₂e total emissions, including sub-contractors Scope 3 transport

Environmental Saving:

  • Savings of 318 tonnes in aggregates and 41 tonnes in straight run bitumen over conventional materials
  • 85 tCO₂e saving over a conventional hot mix material and a non carbon neutral surfacing contractor (the equivalent of 210,000 car miles)
  • Increased performance and subsequent lower whole life carbon costs

Financial Saving:

  • Designed system to last longer, address specific issues and ensure lower whole life cost
  • The failure rate of pre-surface dressing patching using Milepave™ was less than 1% compared to 10% when conventional surfacing materials were previously used*
    *According to WSP’s independent study.

Awards and Recognition

This Carbon Neutral Scheme was the winner of the 2021 Strictly Highways Net Zero Innovation Project of the Year Award. In December 2021, it was 1 of 4 shortlisted at the 2021 Highways Awards for the Environmental Sustainability Award. Others shortlisted included organisations such as Aggregate Industries and Balfour Beatty.

Tree Planting

All partners of this scheme volunteered to plant trees to sequester the remaining carbon emissions. With flooding a serious problem in the county, Shropshire Councils Flood Prevention Team identified areas where trees could be used to slow surface water run-off to prevent local flooding. Through a Verified Carbon Standard Scheme, Shropshire were provided with 200 trees to plant in Habberley, South Shropshire. To celebrate the success of the scheme, Miles Macadam donated a semi-mature tree and commemorative plaque, listing all the partners of the initiative to ensure their efforts were recognised.

Miles Macadam and Milepave™ offer significant benefits over conventional approaches and through our direct emission reduction, carbon neutral certification and carbon reduction strategy, the scheme is certified as achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions.

The scheme in Shropshire achieved positive outcomes on cost, quality, and sustainability; we hope its success demonstrates its potential for a wider implementation across the whole of the UK’s Local Area Network. We are delighted to have delivered the first carbon neutral surfacing scheme and to facilitate Shropshire Council’s commitment to climate change.

Shropshire Council Carbon Neutral Scheme Certificate