Miles Macadam were recently awarded a contract with Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole Council (BCP) to resurface the A35 Somerford Roundabout. The council approached Miles Macadam through the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) after declaring the roundabout was in need of critical repairs. This scheme was supported by the Challenge Fund, made possible with additional funding from the Department for Transport (DfT). These schemes are intended to be utilised by Local Authorities for improvements to the quality of roads and surrounding infrastructure to benefit the local economy and make driving safe.

Following the announcement of a national lockdown, BCP Council made the decision to resurface the failing roundabout to coincide with the lower traffic levels. Somerford Roundabout is a crucial hub to the main roads into and out of Christchurch. It connects two dual carriageways, fast food restaurants, a supermarket, a hotel, and other local businesses.  The disruption would have been considerable under usual traffic levels.

Miles Macadam installed 3,500m2 of our BBA HAPAS certified Grouted Macadam, Hardipave™ on the gateway roundabout. Hardipave™ is designed to withstand concentrated traffic volume and loadings and fuel / leachate contamination. It consists of a design mix open graded receiving course with a controlled void content, which is reinforced with a resin cementitious grout.

This scheme was planned in three weeks with BCP Council and their street-works team.  The programme consisted of completing the roundabout in two phases over a 5-day period.  After planing, a 40mm open graded surface course was laid prior to reinforcing with the Hardipave™ resin cementitious grout.  A 36-mile-long diversion was enforced enabling the North section of the roundabout to be resurfaced. After two days, the diversion was mirrored allowing the South section of the roundabout to be completed. The Hardipave™ was left to cure for 24 hours, which provided an opportunity for the road markings to be completed prior to the roundabout being reopened.

With intense traffic loadings, roundabouts are prone to accelerated wear. Conventional surfacing materials have a tendency to deteriorate well before their design life with the failure of exposed centre joints being particularly prevalent. As a response, Hardipave™ is often specified as solution to this problem. The grouting procedure provides a jointless surface course which eliminates the issues from an exposed centre joint and premature failure. Hardipave™ provides a durable, warranty backed surface course specifically designed for intense traffic volumes.

Client Testimony:

‘I congratulate you and the team for the smooth running of this job. This task on such a gateway roundabout has been a great example of practical working. The way you maintained some traffic flows in some directions off the roundabout and provided access to Grange Road and Somerford Gardens at all times was excellent also. The clear signage around the area in advance and during greatly assisted.’

Cllr Paul Hillard, BCP Council.

“The finished surface is faultless, and as promised, no visible joints. None of the slight irregularities that might be expected with ‘conventional’ surfacing. The product speaks for itself as a solution to many problem sites, and the overall client experience working with Miles Macadam is positive from start to finish. We will definitely be using Hardipave on other roundabouts as the ‘go to’ solution.”

BCP Council.