Miles Macadam recently completed the first Carbon Neutral Surfacing Scheme in the North on behalf of Calderdale Council. The scheme utilised our reduced carbon Milepave™ Grouted Macadam which uses lower mixing temperatures, lower energy resources and has a lower bitumen content, whilst ensuring greater durability than conventional materials.

As part of the programme of works, which was predominately overlaying concrete carriageways, Moor Lane was also selected. This site was a tree lined carriageway with a flexible construction rather than concrete. Roadways lined with a tree canopy tend to be prone to accelerated deterioration as there is an increase in the annual moisture levels caused by shade, subsequent effects of more freeze / thaw and damage from leaf cellulose can affect the pavements’ performance. This can lead to early life failure.

Milepave™ has a unique makeup to combat these issues and provide a long-lasting surfacing solution. Milepave™ is grouted with a liquid asphalt to ensure that it is fully sealed, providing an impermeable barrier to water ingress. Additionally, its grout provides better protection against the damage from salt and sugars, and the sealing of the surface course prevents fretting, reduces the speed of oxidation, and reinforces surface strength, thus prolonging performance.