In 2011, Miles Macadam were contracted by Shropshire Council to resurface Monkmoor Roundabout in Shrewsbury. We were responsible for planing off 40mm of the existing material and installing 1,920m² of our specialist Asphalt Grouted Macadam, Milepave™. This product delivers a highly durable, flexible surface course which is sealed to reinforce surface strength, preventing aggregate loss and water ingress.

The scheme was completed in three phases due to Monkmoor Roundabout serving a bus route, a small industrial estate, and police headquarters. With amplified traffic loadings, roundabouts are prone to accelerated wear. Conventional surfacing materials tend to deteriorate well before their design life with the failure of centre joints being particularly prevalent. In the design of our Milepave™ Grouted Macadam system, the sealing of the Milepave™ with a liquid asphaltic grout significantly prolongs the life of the material and reinforces surface strength.

Upon inspection in 2022, the surface integrity of the roundabout showed no sign of ravelling, aggregate loss, or joint failure. Despite 11 years on a high stress application, Milepave™ has stood the test of time. The conventional surfacing materials on the exits and entrances to the roundabout have deteriorated significantly while the Milepave™ surface remains in excellent condition. Miles Macadam have provided a long-term, durable solution for the treatment of Monkmoor Roundabout and this site is a testament to the longevity of our specialist Grouted Macadams.


All photographs are from 2022.