For over ten years, London Gateway has utilised Miles Macadam’s specialist manufactured products. DP World’s London Gateway Port is a £1.5 billion terminal consisting of 3 Berths and 1250m of quayside. It is the UK’s fastest growing deep-sea container terminal, with state-of-the-art logistics facilities and a focus on efficiency.

Miles Macadam were specified to resurface Berth 3 as part of the ongoing maintenance programme. 7500m2 of 14mm Hardicrete™ at 40mm depth was installed over 2 visits of 5 days.

London Gateway’s Berth 1-3 quayside pavement utilises Miles Macadam’s own BBA certified material, HardicreteTM. HardicreteTM was specified for its hard-wearing and heavy-duty performance characteristics. It is a superior reinforced surface, a hybrid of asphalt and concrete. Being used to withstand intense traffic loadings and fuel/leachate contamination, whilst also maintaining flexural strength. It has a high tolerance to deformation, heat and abrasion making it an ideal surfacing solution for industrial settings, such as London Gateway.

For this scheme on Berth 3, shipping containers are being off-loaded from the ships via crane and placed onto the Hardicrete™ pavement. A straddle carrier collects the container, running on the Hardicrete™ along the quayside, transporting the container to the correct isle, where it waits for the isle crane to allocate it to a lorry. The use of coloured Hardicrete™ was trialled in Berth 3. The coloured surface allowed the crane operators to place the containers more accurately and ensure a more efficient operation of the facilities. A grey strip for container positioning and a yellow strip either side acted as guide for the “straddle carrier” wheels.  Previously the port had installed marking, which would require refreshing bi-annually. However, colouring the Hardicrete™ provided a permanent solution, with significant cost savings.


N.B. The last photo in the slider shows Hardicrete™ 3 months post-surfacing.