Reading Borough Council has carried out the first highway resurfacing scheme using an ultra-low carbon resurfacing material. Highways and Traffic Services Manager, Sam Shean, commissioned Miles Macadam in this innovative project to deliver a net zero surfacing material. The trial involved the laying of Miles Macadam’s Milepave™ road surfacing material which, as standard, achieves a 40% carbon saving over conventional surfacing materials due to its lower resource and energy utilisation during manufacture. The Milepave™ was fortified with Biochar – a solid-state organic carbon produced as a by-product from electricity production using waste materials. The incorporated  Biochar permanently locks away the carbon and cancels out the carbon cost of manufacture.

This is the first time this innovation has been trialled on the highway network. Reading BC’S progressive approach has helped Miles Macadam, in the much-needed development of surfacing materials, to decarbonise the road surfacing industry and progress towards Net Zero.

Everyone at Miles Macadam would like to say a huge thank you to Sam Shean and Reading Borough Council for their partnership and support during this trial. A link to our Instagram showing the trial installation can be found below: