Miles Macadam recently completed surfacing works for the UK’s largest fuel distributor, Certas Energy on behalf of Sterling Services. The contract involved building a new depot and adjoining lorry park for Certas Energy in Ellesmere Port. Miles Macadam’s BBA HAPAS certified grouted macadam, Hardipave™ on a flexible asphalt construction was specified as an alternative to traditional pavement formations for the lorry park.

Typically, failings associated with conventional asphalt materials for lorry parks are deformation and rutting from high stress (HGV) traffic loadings which can be further accelerate by the increased risk of fuel spillage and leachates. Hardipave™ grouted macadam is an ideal solution for HGV operations as it is designed to have a strong resistance to deformation and abrasion by HGV traffic as well as being fuel resistant. Hardipave™ creates an incredibly hard-wearing, jointless and impervious surface. In the worst-case scenario of a significant fuel spill, the Hardipave™ pavement can be utilised within the fuel bund.

The lorry park was approximately 3,500m². The 40mm depth 14mm Hardipave™ receiving course was installed and reinforced with the Hardipave™ resin cementitious grout, completed in 1 phase, over a 4-day period, including the 24 hour curing period.

The pavement was designed following typical flexible pavement criteria, substituting the 40mm Hardipave for a traditional asphalt surface course. In this scenario the underlying construction was 100mm AC20 DBM Binder 40/60 and 100mm AC32 DBM Base 40/60. This construction allowed the underlying base and binder to be installed at an earlier date, providing much needed hardstanding for the storage of materials and site facilities for the construction of the depot. In comparison to installing a traditional concrete pavement, this eased the construction programme and reduced the build time considerably.


A video showing our Hardipave™ being utilised on another Certas Energy Site in Northampton can be seen below: