Miles Macadam recently delivered the First Carbon Capture and Storage Surfacing Scheme in South Wales in collaboration with Cardiff Council and Steelphalt as part of Cardiff’s vision for a Carbon Neutral City by 2030. For several years, Cardiff Council have been utilising lower carbon and lower resource materials by specifying Miles Macadam’s reduced carbon product Milepave™. This Asphaltic Grouted Macadam saves 40% in carbon emissions compared to conventional materials and consists of a paver laid open graded asphalt that is sealed with a liquid grout.

Cardiff’s goal was to deliver a surfacing scheme to address the re-occurring issues with the concrete carriageways on their network while reducing their carbon footprint in road surfacing. The latest trial on College Road trial has advanced Milepave’s sustainability by incorporating Biochar into both the receiving course and grout. This captures carbon within the road surface, preventing its release into the environment and reducing climate impact.

Local authorities have an unenviable task of reducing scope three emissions which can be upwards of 90% of their carbon accountability. The use of Miles Macadam’s Milepave™, partnered with Steelphalt and their Welsh Produced Steel Slag, has made it possible to address the engineering and maintenance challenges of this site with zero scope 3 emissions attributable to Cardiff Council.

Delivered Programme of Work:

  • 3,525m² of surfacing
  • 321 tonnes of Milepave, using steel slag aggregate
  • 8.75 tCO₂e total emissions, including installation (19.86 tCO₂e for a conventional surface course)

Environmental Saving:

  • Savings of 293 tonnes in virgin aggregate and 4 tonnes of straight run bitumen over a conventional material
  • 9.66 tCO₂e captured in Biochar and stored in the Biopave™ surface course
  • Increased performance and subsequent lower whole life carbon costs

Financial Saving:

  • Designed system to last longer, address specific issues and ensure lower whole life cost

Miles Macadam are proud to announce that College Road is the first scheme in Wales that uses Carbon Capture and Storage technology, utilising Biochar, and we are delighted to help provide a positive contribution to Cardiff’s vision of a Carbon Neutral City by 2030.

Click below to see the case study video of the scheme: