Miles Macadam were recently specified by Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole Council (BCP) to resurface 7 residential roads in need of critical repair, totalling approximately 19,000m­2 of concrete carriageway. This scheme was supported by the Pothole Action Fund, provided by the Government, intended to fix up to 50 million potholes, but is available for local authorities to undertake longer-term road maintenance works to prevent potholes from appearing in the first place.

In recent years, efforts to repair the roads had been undertaken by the council. Overbanding designed to prevent water ingress and progressive fretting had offered a limited short-term solution. Similarly, several of the roads had been covered with Micro-Asphalt but with high traffic volumes the surface had deteriorated.

Concrete carriageways surfaced with conventional materials are prone to damage, with any underlying movement, particularly on joints, causing reflective cracking of the surface course.  Miles Macadam’s specialist Asphalt Grouted Macadam Milepave™ provides a solution. It delivers a high strength surface course combined with flexibility to combat underlying ground movement which is sealed fully against water ingress. This was particularly pertinent to the scheme in Bournemouth where problems with joints and longitudinal cracks were prevalent. To prevent these issues recurring, the Miles Macadam team pre-treated the cracks and joints using a hot bitumen sealing compound prior to laying the Milepave™ surface course.

Milepave™ is a BBA / HAPAS certified Asphalt Grouted surface course, it is the only available Grouted Macadam (along with our Hardipave™) that has HAPAS Approval. The programme consisted of planing 40mm off the existing carriageways and laying an open graded design mix surface course reinforced with the asphaltic grout. One exception was Shapland Avenue which required planing to 100mm to ensure the installation of a binder course prior to the surface course.

This scheme took 4 weeks, with a total of 7 roads and 19,000m2 resurfaced. A full road closure was implemented, but due to the roads being connected to one another, the diversion was fluid and caused little disruption to residents. Milepave™ has a short curing period which enabled the roads to be reopened to the public within a few hours.

Miles Macadam have provided a long-term, durable solution for the treatment of BCP council’s concrete carriageways.

Client Testimony:

“The final surface is as expected and a vast improvement on what was there before and there have even been compliments received from residents. Very happy with the product and wish we could have done more. Looking forward to carrying out additional work in the future.”

Stuart Priest, BCP Council.

A link to our Liquid Asphalt Grouted Macadam Milepave™ can be found below: