In the mid-1990’s, Bootle Bus Station was resurfaced by Miles Macadam with their cementitious grouted macadam, Hardicrete™. The bus station is a key interchange for Bootle, situated next to the Strand Shopping Centre and feeding into Bootle High Street, the station has 6 stands that serve numerous high frequency bus services 7 days a week. The scheme involved a combination of resurfacing bus stands with 40mm Hardicrete™ and 40mm Hardicrete™ green.

The use of a cementitious grouted macadam in bus stations offers several advantages; it provides a durable surface that can withstand the frequent and heavy loadings of buses without significant wear or damage. The liquid resin cementitious grout creates an impervious barrier making the material highly resistant to fuel and oil spills. In addition, the continual vibrations from stationary buses can cause conventional materials to rut and deform. However, upon inspection nearly 30 years later, the laybys are showing no signs of deformation or channelised rutting; failures common for bus station applications.

Miles Macadam’s cementitious grouted macadams, Hardicrete™ and Hardipave™ are a hybrid between asphalt and concrete, offering strength and durability, making them suitable for high-stress sites. Ports, industrial estates, bus stations and roundabouts often experience heavy traffic volumes, including constant movement of heavy machinery, containers, and vehicles. Hardicrete™ and Hardipave™ are designed to withstand the weight and stress associated with these activities, providing a stable and reliable surface, and ensuring the longevity of the pavement.

Additionally, Hardicrete™ and Hardipave™ are resistant to fuel and leachate contamination, reducing the risk of damage or weakening to the surface course that is prevalent in such environments. They require minimal maintenance compared to other surfacing materials. In high-stress areas, where frequent repairs or replacements can be costly and disruptive, the fast installation of a cementitious grouted macadam in comparison to conventional concrete surfaces will reduce disruption to the daily activities of the site.

Bootle Bus Station is a testament to the longevity of our specialist Grouted Macadams and the long-term, durable treatment Miles Macadam can provide for high stress applications.

Click the link here for our Hardicrete™ Datasheet and here for our Hardipave™ Datasheet.